Power Packs

Pre Workout/Breakfast Meal box contains calorie counted meal which is essential to  start off your workout in a healthy way. A workout is just perfect when one takes up to a healthy and fulfilling pre workout meal. It is tough to make a wholesome meal everyday in the hustle of daily life. This is where we customise a healthy, tasty and a wholesome meal box and deliver what is best for your body!


Post workout meal box contains nutrition specific meal which is required post workout which comes in the different quantity of calories and other nutrients suiting to the needs of gymnastics. The mouth-watering recipes packed in a manner so that it reaches you at the time you want it the most. We give you extra time to pick up few dumbbells or go an extra mile for your daily workout.


Healthy balanced meal box is scientifically designed & curated diet for people looking out for a balanced nutritious meal. This meal box is a combination of fibre, protein, minerals & vitamins, good fat and of course tasty recipes. This box includes all the goodness of everything packed in one. Consuming this box in a day will meet the minimum nutrition requirement for the day !!


Benefits to Subscriber: Scientifically designed & calibrated diet, Convenience along with health, Offers variety & freshly prepared meal, Helps you reach your goals faster without having to prepare your meals

For enquiry call us at  9717193730 or write to sales@fitfoodbox.com

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Q1. What is Fit food box?

Fit food box is Delhi’s 1st  company offering subscription based health and fitness meal box which comes with all the essential nutrients required- all packed in one box.

Q2. How can one subscribe for it?

You can log in to www.fitfoodbox.com and place your order or you can contact the selected partnered gyms for offline orders

Q3. Can this be purchased on daily basis?

Who doesn’t loves to serve their customers daily..!! Yes, of course. You can opt for monthly subscription and can also avail special discounts

Q4. How do you prepare these boxes?

We prepare these boxes with a specially designed process of due consultation with our nutritionist & chefs

Q5. What does the box contain?

The box contains different dishes each day as per the type of box:

Pre workout box:  1 meal box and a drink

Post workout box:  1 meal box and a drink

Healthy balance box: 3 meal box, 1 fruit, 1 greek yogurt, 1 dry fruit packet & a drink

Q6.  How long this box can be consumed?

The boxes to be consumed within 24 hours after delivery

Q7. When should the orders be booked?

Orders should be booked 24 hours in advance. We do not take instant orders

Q8. What are the delivery timings ?

The delivery timing for different kind of boxes are as follows:

Pre workout box – 7 am- 8 am in morning & 6 pm- 7 pm in evening in selected partnered gyms

Post workout meal box- 7 am- 8 am in morning & 6 pm- 7 pm in evening in selected partnered gyms

Healthy balance box- 7 am- 11 am & 6 pm- 7 pm at your selected address

Q9. What are the delivery charges?

The delivery charge for meals collected from selected partnered gyms is free and if delivered at your address is charged as per your location

Q10. Do we have to make the complete payment in advance?

Yes  100 % advance payment

Q11. What are the payment methods:

For orders through website you have pay online and for orders through selected partnered gyms you can pay via cash/online both

Q12. Where do you serve?

We serve in Ashok vihar, Pitampura, Kohat enclave, Shalimar Bagh, Rajouri Garden, Punjabi Bagh & Rohini as of now !

Q13. Where should we connect for queries/complaints/feedback?

You can connect @ feedback@fitfoodbox for all your concerns


Call us @ 9717193730 or email us - sales@fitfoodbox.com