About Us


To deliver nutrition counted healthy boxes for gym enthusiasts & health conscious people


To make presence in Delhi/NCR gyms and corporate hubs.

The company:

Fit food box is Delhi’s 1st company offering subscription based health and fitness meal box which comes with all the essential nutrients required- all packed in one box.

The main aim of the company is to provide health at the doorsteps of the customer as fitness is the latest FAD in the society and healthy diet plays the major role in the fitness of an individual. 70 percent is about what you eat and only 30 percent is about the physical exercise which keeps the human body healthy.

Fit food box has been started by crazy health freak with a mission to deliver calorie counted boxes for people who love to stay fit & healthy. This box is for those who want to eat healthy but are tired of getting a ready made box which contains all the ingredients specified by the nutritionists to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yes you heard it right!! Maintaining healthy lifestyle was never so easy. It is a subscription based box which comes in three variants.

  • Pre workout meal box
  • Post workout meal box
  • Balanced meal box

Pre Workout Meal box contains specified calorie counted meal in the box which is essential to start off your workout in a healthy way. A workout is just perfect when one takes up to a healthy and fulfilling pre workout meal. It is tough to make a wholesome meal everyday in the hustle of daily life. This is where we customize a healthy, tasty and a wholesome meal box to relax your taste buds and deliver what is best for your body.

Post workout meal box contains nutrition specific meal which is required post workout which comes in different quantity of calories and other nutrients suiting to the needs of gymnastics. The mouth watering recipes packed in a manner so that it reaches you at the time you want it the most. We give you extra time to pick up few dumbbells or go an extra mile for your daily workout.

Balanced meal box is scientifically designed & curated diet for people looking out for a balance nutritional meal. This meal box is a mix of various combinations of fibre, protein, minerals & vitamins, fat from good sources and of course tasty recipes. This box includes all the goodness of everything packed in one.

We believe our placement is not as a product, but as a part of your family. We try to fill the gap with what fits best according to your body.

All the boxes are prepared in consultation with dieticians and nutritionist.

Stay healthy Eat healthy …Grab your fit food  box now !!